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Gogama Local Services Board


A Local Services Board (LSB) is a volunteer organization that has the authority under the

Northern Services Board Act to deliver approved powers (services) to residents. These boards

are set up in rural areas where there is no municipal structure to deliver services such as water,

sewage or fire protection. Area residents vote to determine an LSB's boundaries and volunteer

board members are elected on an annual basis.


An LSB can be approved to deliver any of nine powers, or approved services, to residents

within the board's geographical area. These powers are Water Supply, Fire Protection,

Garbage Collection, Sewage, Street or Area Lighting, Recreation, Roads (Currently managed

by the Gogama Local Roads Board), Public Library and Emergency Telecommunications.

Any of these powers must be voted on by a majority of residents at a public meeting called

for that specific purpose.


The Gogama Local Services Board currently offers the services of Water Supply, Sewage,

Garbage Collection, Recreation, Public Library and Fire Protection, all on a fee for service

basis. Contact the LSB office at 705-894-2555 or by e-mail: glsb10@ontera.net for a complete

list of user fees.


Under our recreation portfolio, the board also owns and maintains the Community Centre Building that houses the LSB office, Nursing Station, Public Library, Wireless Hotspot and Provincial Court Services held on a monthly basis and also the main hall and kitchen facilities which are rented on

an as requested basis. The board also manages the outdoor skating rink.


Our Public Library is manned by volunteers and offers an excellent assortment of books for your

reading pleasure. The library also offers public computer and Internet access during library

hours and a wireless hotspot where visitors and citizens alike can avail themselves of a hi-speed Internet connection at any time using their laptop. Photocopying and faxing services are also

provided on a fee for service basis.


Local Services Board of Gogama







Gogama LSB AMP 2016


Archived GLSB Minutes


Archived GLSB Minutes


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Gogama Local Services Board

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Telephone: 705-894-2555

Fax: 705-894-2555







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