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Gogama, Ontario Bulletin Board

BULLETIN BOARD Terms and Conditions

1. Requests for posting must be submitted a minimum of one week prior to event taking


2. Posting requests must be submitted by email to contactus@gogama.ca, alternatively you can send your requests to us

    by Canada Post: Gogama Cap Committee P.O. Box 116 Gogama, Ontario P0M 1W0.

3 .Effective immediately all "Postings" will be tagged with a six (6) month expiry date. Upon expiring or thereafter the

   "Posting" contact will be asked by telephone or e-mail whether to renew for another 6 months or delete. Failure

    to respond in a reasonably prompt manner will result in deletion of the "Posting". A re-post will then require

    re-submission of data and/or photos and will be done at the discretion of Site Aministration.

4. All postings subject to approval of Community Access Program (CAP) administrator,

    whose approval and decision is final.

5. The maximum number of pictures per posting is subject to the approval of the website administrator whose decision is final..

6. Sellers and buyers are completely responsible for working out the sale of goods and



The requestor agrees to protect, indemnify, keep indemnified and save harmless the gogama.ca website and it’s committee members from and against all claims, demands, costs, actions, causes of actions, expenses or legal fees whatsoever which may be taken or made against them or any of them incurred or become payable by them or any of them for any loss, damage or injury, including death of any nature or kind whatsoever arising out of or in consequence of any act, neglect or omission, including negligent acts or negligent omissions of the gogama.ca website committee, in conjunction with any postings on the bulletin board of the gogama.ca website

Flying Post Job Postings- Licensed Carpenter-Côté Gold Project



Flying Post Job Posting- Site Services Supervisor-Côté Gold Project

Flying Post Job Posting- Mechanic -Côté Gold Project




North American Nuna Job Postings-Côté Gold Project



Aecon Job Posting- Project Administrator-Côté Gold Project


Wood Job Posting-Quality Assurance - Civil - Structural Coordinator-Côté Gold Project



Flying Post Job Posting- COVID and Office Cleaner_Côté Gold Project


Wood Job Posting-Nightshift Civil Coordinator-Côté Gold Project


Haztech Job Posting-ERT Fire & Rescue Iamgold - Côté Gold Project


Aecon Job Posting-Surveyor-Côté Gold Project


Aecon Job Posting-Project C Job Posting - Côté Gold Project


Aecon Job Posting-Material Coordiantor Job Posting - Côté Gold Project


Aecon Job Posting-Labourer-Côté Gold Project


Aecon Job Posting-Equipment Operator-Côté Gold Project


Aecon Job Posting-EHS Admin. Posting- Côté Gold Project


Aecon Job Posting-Carpenter Apprentice and Journeyman-Côté Gold Project


Aecon Job Posting-Assistant Superintendent- Côté Gold Project


Flying Post Job Postings- Skilled Labourer-Côté Gold Project


Flying Post Job Postings- Journeyman Electrician-Côté Gold Project


Flying Post Job Postings- General Labourer- Côté Gold Project


Flying Post Job Postings- Site Admin - Côté Gold Project


Wood Job Posting-Contracts Administrator-Côté Gold project



IAG Job Posting-Senior Resource Geologist-Côté Gold Project

IAG Job Posting-Environmental Technician-Côté Gold Project


DST Consulting Engineers-Technician - Material Testing (site)-Côté Gold Project


Wood Job Posting-Busing Coordinator- Côté Gold Project



IAG Job Posting-Mine Administrative & Controls Co-ordinator


Breaults Cleaning Services Job Posting-Eacom Timber Mill

Minnow Environmental Inc-Cote Field Technician- Salvage-Côté Gold Project



North American Nuna Job Posting-Côté Gold Project


IAG Job Posting-Superintendent, Finance-Côté Gold Project

IAG Job Posting-Superintendent Supply Chain - Côté Gold Project


Northec-Fournier G.P. Job Posting--Côté Gold Project






Wood Job Posting-Junior Technician, Mining Construction-Cote Gold Project


Wood Job Posting-Field Coordinator, Mining-Cote Gold Project


Wood Job Posting-Environmental Specialist, Mining-Cote Gold Project





IAG Job Posting-Superintendent Mine Technical Services-Cote Gold Project


IAG Job Posting-Human Resources Business Partner-Cote Gold Project


IAG Job Posting-Environmental Technician-Cote Gold project




Wood Job Posting-Site Administrative Assistant - Temporary-Cote Gold Project



Project Controls Site Cost Analyst-Wood Job Posting-Cote Gold Project


Safety Coordinator-Wood Job Posting-Cote Gold Project




Cote Gold Community Communication Plan


Cote Gold Management of Community Grievances













An Internet "Hot Spot" has been provided at the Gogama Public Library courtesy of Internet service provider for the area Ontera. This allows citizens and visitors alike free wireless Internet access should they need it. The service has a range of at least 100 feet  surrounding the library/community centre area and people are invited to use it as needed.

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