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Gogama`s Legendary Joe LaFlamme

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In no time, LaFlamme was travelling with his pack of wolves not only into the deep boreal forest, but also in the heart of the continent's largest cities. Imagine a tall, strapping Canadian bushman mushing his wild wolf team in downtown Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Rochester, and New York. He even mushed at the Madison Square Garden during a Rangers vs Bruins game! Yes, Joe did it! Now imagine travelling by plane with ten wolves as paying passengers--all loose! Joe did this too, not only with his wild canines but later with deer and moose. Yes, he trained them too.


Larger than life itself, Wolf Man LaFlamme eventually transformed into a Moose Man, quickly learning to handle the country's largest beasts. His moose followed him everywhere he went, from posh banquet rooms for a salad to the local pub for a beer. Mushkeg, his favourite, even attended a Loyal Order of Moose convention in Columbus, Ohio. To top it all, the animal was interviewed live on ABC radio in New York.


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